CBNO Receives Citizen Diplomat Award

On December 7, the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council presented CBNO with one of its three ” Outstanding Citizen Diplomat” awards for 2013. Fellow honorees were the United Houma Nation and Youth Rebuilding New Orleans. The Diplomacy Council is affiliated with the U.S. Department of State, and partners with them to host individuals and delegations from countries all over the world who come to the U.S. on learning expeditions. Presenting on topics such as citizen participation, community organizing and government accountability, CBNO has been privileged to meet with visitors from Afghanistan to Haiti, from China to Columbia to the Republic of Georgia. We are humbled to think that our knowledge and experience may help people around the world achieve their goals; we are inspired to hear from them how they confront the obstacles and challenges that sometimes make ours look pretty minimal. This is work that we really love doing, and we are very honored that the Citizen Diplomacy Council recognized us in this way.