Collaboration for Community Engagement

By its very nature, the work of achieving systemic-level change requires many partnerships.  Community input is essential.  Enabling the community voice, investigating best practices, exploring innovative new approaches, building consensus around specific reforms, and advocating for change all require strong collaborations among allies both likely and unlikely.

CBNO regularly seeks collaborative opportunities.  Some of the coalitions below we helped to launch, others we eagerly joined.  All are focused on the various opportunities to effect meaningful and enduring change towards the goal of building a truly great New Orleans.

Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN)

Public education in post-Katrina New Orleans is undergoing radical reform.  But do we really know what we as a community want our public school graduates to know and be able to do?  OPEN seeks to engage all community members and stakeholders in the development of a sustainable structure that will ensure excellence and equity in New Orleans public education far into the future.

Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative

CBNO recognized that despite all the energy and enthusiasm around water management after the release of the Urban Water Plan, the lack of collaboration and information-sharing was a major impediment to progress. CBNO convened several individuals and organizations to form an interim steering committee, which in turn has led to the September 2014 launch of the Water Collaborative with more than 100 nonprofit, for-profit and individual members.  It facilitates the flow of information on emerging water management opportunities and foster effective collaborations among participants. Focus areas include: demonstration projects, policy, advocacy, education, and outreach. The Collaborative works to make New Orleans a strong, safe urban environment that celebrates the region’s abundant water resources. Through these efforts, New Orleans can become America’s Water City, leading the nation in urban water management practices, design, technologies, and innovation.

Forward New Orleans

A coalition of more than 30 civic, neighborhood and business organizations founded to bring strong candidate focus to core community issues in the 2010 New Orleans elections, Forward New Orleans continues to create community platforms, interview candidates for elected office, and monitor and report on how officials succeed in implementing the programs to which they sign on.